21-25 September

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Covering six key areas, automotiveEV Live allows you to create an event to fit in with your normal day:

  • Battery
  • Infrastructure
  • Supply Chain
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Powertrain
  • Mobility

automotiveEV Live gives you a carefully designed programme to enable you to either watch and interact live or catch-up all or the sessions that are of most benefit to you.

Developed around a five day window ensures you can participate without having to block off large amounts of time in one session, ensuring you keep up to date with developments as we move forward to a Zero Carbon environment.

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Attending Companies from previous events include:

What's on

To support the industry transformation the programme will be complimented with a series of leadership and coaching talks, addressing strategies and tactics to further develop more resilient, agile and innovative organisations.

automotiveEV Live will be addressing both current and future challenges - split into themed sessions and knowledge hubs tackling the most important aspects of EV development.

Keynote Speakers, senior EV leaders in conversation

Each session has three to four speakers, who will deliver short focused presentations. The speakers will then be guided by a moderator for a Q&A panel to close the session, allowing the speakers and audience to actively get involved.

Innovation Showcase

Start-ups present their latest innovative solutions.

Sessions to include:

Future Cities – The Role of Transport
Setting the scene for zero carbon mobility and the role of EV. Market development and adoption analysis. The role of government in developing effective strategies and legislation to support the shift to clean, sustainable transportation. Also, EV myth-busting, sustainable energy and the grid.

Investing in the future
Taking a wider look at investment across the sector. From government funded initiatives -both local and national. Capital sourcing for Start-ups and Scale-ups. Joint industry projects and collaborations from OEM’s and Big Energy - to the role of the finance and banking sector.

EV Charging and Infrastructure
Just what do we need in regard to supportive EV infrastructure? Addressing the state of play, what is current and soon-to-be available. What kind, where and how many chargers do we actually need? How do we best develop and future proof our networks?

Transport and Mobility Solutions
A world of possibilities awaits our future mobility needs. From eScooters, to single and twin seat city EV’s, from ridesharing and MaaS to connected and autonomous – just how will all of these new modes of transport change current unsustainable urban mobility trends?

EV Fleet, Leasing and Retail
As the primary drivers of new vehicle registrations - both fleet and leasing play a significant role in the widescale adoption of EV’s, not to mention their role in feeding the future used car market. And with regards to EV retail, is it just a case of supply and demand – or is there more at play?

State of the Industry
This session will include analysis of both the global and local electric vehicle industry. Addressing investment and market potential, both governmental and industrial development strategies discussed. Going forward, what additional infrastructure will we need?

All things battery, from the basic building blocks of cells and batteries, to the development of sustainable, re-usable and recyclable systems. Looking at both challenges and opportunities within materials sourcing, manufacturing and supply chain - the safe development, storage, transit, lifecycle and disposal of battery systems and materials.

Addressing modern propulsion systems: this session asks - what is being developed, and where are new advances, technologies and efficiencies being found? What changes can we expect to see in the next few years – a future of incremental efficiencies or a revolution in the making? From Lithium-ion, to Hydrogen Fuel Cell, biofuels and more.

Supply Chain
From hazardous materials logistics, including large-scale Lithium-ion battery shipments – to Finished Vehicles, Fleet, retail and after-market, where are the main challenges and opportunities? In regard to sustainability, just what EV solutions are being developed and implemented to the Last-mile delivery sector?

Leaders Insights
Leading lights from across the industry, discuss elements from across the days topics and up-coming developments. Asking what does the future hold for the automotiveEV sector as a whole? What new technologies are being developed and invested in? Are we in a good position with maintaining and developing specialist skills within such a fast-changing industry? and much more…

Attending Companies include:

Last-Mile Sustainability New Mobility Supply Chain Resilience Infrastructure Lithium-ion Startup Zone EV Display Main Stage Battery Senior Attendees OEM The Hub Urban Mobility connected technology Tier Suppliers EV Leading Speakers Reverse Logistics Networking Manufacturing MaaS eMobility Startups Future Cities Powertrain V2X Technology Autonomous


Vox Pops

The voice of the people

Achim Glass

SVP, Global Head of Automotive Vertical
Kuehne + Nagel Management AG

Dan Burge

Commercial Director
Lotus Engineering

Helen Lees

Head of Electric Vehicles and Connected Services
PSA Group

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