7-8 October 2019

Coventry, United Kingdom

8 October 2019

Coventry, United Kingdom

Join the debate - as sector specific workshops discuss the future. Each Knowledge Hub has an industry leader driving the conversation, allowing everyone to contribute and share insights and points of view.

Knowledge Hub topics include:

  • The Energy Transition Hub
    Karl Anders. Managing Director, Innogy eMobility UK
  • EV Battery Development Hub
    Stephen Irish, Commercial Director, Hyperdrive Innovation Ltd
  • Powertrain in Support of EV Hub
    Jonathan Quinn, CEO, Quinnovations Group
  • Sourcing Specialist Skills Hub
    David Hunt, CEO & Founder, Hyperion Executive Search
  • The Future of Charging Infrastructure Hub - Shell New Motion
    With consumer demand for electric vehicles soaring, the UK now needs EV infrastructure to support its ongoing e-mobility revolution. But, what are the big issues that both the private and public sector should consider as we rapidly expand the UK’s charging infrastructure to keep pace? From futureproofing to tackling closed networks, NewMotion will be sharing its experience on what’s right and what’s wrong when it comes EV infrastructure investment.
    Alan McCleave, UK General Manager, NewMotion 
  • Powering the Revolution – Can the Grid Handle a Mass EV Adoption?
    Jeremy Parkes, Global Business Lead for EVs, DNVGL
  • Lithium-ion Battery Supply Chain Hub
    Richard Hankinson, Automotive Director, Unipart Logistics
  • Finished Vehicle Supply Chain Hub
    Dan Parnell, Global Distribution Quality Manager, Jaguar Land Rover